Project ProtectUs

Joining the Efforts to Slow the Spread!

Joining the Efforts to Slow the Spread!

I was looking forward to being part of the efforts to help during the pandemic crisis.

While I took part in a Hackathon, I came up with the idea of producing a website called Project-protectUs which allows 3D printer enthusiasts to visit the website and print the PPE designs which would be listed there and ship them to hospitals at a very low cost.

While it was not a very successful project due to lots of regulations, as well as the pandemic seeming to end during the summer, I joined another hackathon under the name of 'Hack 4 The People' with an enthusiastic team to build an app that will help you stay more protected while going out.

Me and my new team are planning to use Project-protectUs to provide PPE for countries in Africa.

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